The program for developing an apartment building on this 20' x 100' vacant lot, in an R7A Zone with mandatory Quality Housing, aimed to maximize rentable floor area and the amount of dwelling units. The developer required simple and economical design and the Building Code required handicap accessibility and an elevator.

    We achieved two 400 square foot dwelling units per floor (the minimum dwelling unit area per Quality Housing) by analyzing the Code's construction classifications and working closely with our structural engineering consultant to design a non combustible construction system with only one egress stair less than 100 square feet. The construction assembly we designed is also inexpensive and basic to build, energy efficient, and of minimal thickness.

    The design maximizes allowable floor area, lot coverage, number of dwelling units, and height per the Zoning Regulation while creating handicap accessible one bedroom dwelling units which exceed Code requirements for natural light and ventilation. The building design includes recreational space at grade in the required rear yard, ample balconies, and a storm water retaining and insulating green roof system.

    We designed an energy efficiency building envelope and lighting plan and tested it by using both the Prescriptive Method and Comm Check thus finding that our design and the mechanical design as developed by our consulting mechanical engineer exceed the requirements of The Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State.

    The NYC DOB approved the design. No reconsiderations for Code or Zoning were sought or required.

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