The lobby of the 1950's coop apartment building was unwelcoming, lacking proper HVAC, and awkward for its concierge to service. Our solution designed an efficient and attractive concierge station oriented toward arrivals. Additionally, we extended the upper lobby to create ample, convenient, and unobtrusive storage space for deliveries.

    Working with our engineering consultants, we integrated central air conditioning and supplemental heat into the architectural design. Better and more efficient lighting replaced high energy, heat producing light fixtures throughout the lobby.

    The sparse, asymmetrical, and damaged granite and marble veneer stone at the entrance façade was enlarged, balanced, and repaired by carefully selecting and detailing new stone. The selection and specification of new glass doors further improved the appearance and security of the entrance façade.

    Working with the Coop President and the Coop Renovation Committee, we provided a full scope of services from feasibility through construction administration. The project was completed on time and within a strict and economical budget.