The two parties owning the top third floor of this 25' x 100' building asked us to design live work space for each of them. One party wanted a traditional apartment-like division of space and had an ample construction budget. The other party wanted an open loft and had restricted funds. Our clients' projects were concurrent with a multi-building wide conversion project and lot merger. Thus our scope of work also included coordination with the design and construction of building wide systems by others, such as a roof top mounted boiler which traversed and altered the third floor loft spaces.

    In addition to coordinating with the building conversion architect and engineers, we administered and coordinated the work of our own consulting engineers. We worked with our structural engineer to reinforce and replace failing walls and beams and to create new openings for windows, skylights, and doors. We worked with our mechanical engineer to create HVAC, plumbing, and electrical designs that complimented our architectural lay outs.

    The building complex is mixed use including a nightclub on the ground floor. Noise from the club, roof top mechanical equipment, and street necessitated sound attenuation design. Working with our consulting acoustician, we designed and detailed walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and penetrations to decrease both noise impact and sound transmission.

    We applied principles of universal design to efficiently conform to handicap accessibility laws and satisfy our clients' program requirements.

    We provided a full scope of architectural services including feasibility, design development, Code compliance, construction documents, bid negotiation, and construction administration.

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